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Screencaps #8: Silverchair: If You Keep Losing Sleep

It's been almost ten months since I last posted! Those of you still watching, thank you so much for sticking around. I'm terrible :( I have some icons on the way, but in the meantime here are some caps I uploaded by request. They're made from an avi file of the video, but are pretty good quality.

98 caps; 2.58 MB; 640x360

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If anyone has suggestions for icons, I'll look into taking them up.
definitely maybe

#36: The Hives, The Strokes

I didn't realise it's been two months since I last posted. I apologise. :( But I finally have the time to make icons now. I doubt these will be that popular. But they've been sitting on my computer since I made them, which was ages ago, and they just need to get posted. I'll have tons of stuff to post in the next couple of weeks, hopefully something for everyone. :)

[15] The Hives (Howlin' Pele)
[14] The Strokes

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Still to come:
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas - bekind_rewindd's request
River Phoenix - girlonthetram's request
Backstreet Boys - because I feel like it